About Us

Palmyra Farm LLC and Palmyra Farm Cheese LLC are owned an operated by the Shank and Creek Families.  We are located in rural Washinton County Maryland near Hagerstown and not far from the Antietam Battlfield and centuries of history that has built our nation.  The farm is operated by the third and fouth generations of the family and now the young fifth generation is eager to join them.  Our dairy herd is a beautiful heritage breed, Ayrshires, known for their unique milk qualities that yield a smooth creamy somewhat sweet tasting cheese.  Twice each day the family milks and cares for the 75 cows that call the farm their home and feed them a totally balanced diet made from feeds raised on the farm to optimize their health and development.   

Only whole milk produced by our cows is used to make our 100% pure pasteurized cheese.  Our cows have won many awards for the quantities and quality of milk they produce from local to national organizations.  Palmyra Farm Cheeses are uniquely flavored Cheddars produced from our award winning Ayrshires.  Our artisan Cheddar captures the exclusive flavors and texture of the wholesome fresh milk provided by our distinctive award winning cows.  The milk from our Ayrshires has a smooth texture and light consistency with a refreshingly appetizing taste and flavor that transmits directly to our line of chesses.  We age all of the cheese a minimum of ninety days but most is over nine months old before it is offered to consumers.  Recently we have begun partnerships with local wineries and breweries to offer truly locally flavored products such as our Cushwa Stout Cheddar.  Delicious on their own or combined in recipes, we are confident our Palmyra Farm Cheese will please your palate.