Spots-Pride Play It Again

Reserve Junior Champion & 1st Spring Calf, Maryland State Fair ’21 Read More »

Spots-Pride Present

Daughter of Spots-Pride Famous Play VG-88 Read More »

Spots-Pride Famous Play

Nominated All-American Fall Calf ’19
Read More »

Steel Fire Burdette Gracen

Reserve All-American Senior 2-Year-Old 2021 Read More »

Ent-LLR-Mph Nu Chaos-ET

Her Joyride son “Cheap Trick,” will be released in late spring by Five Star Genetics! Read More »

Elliots Regency Corrina-ET

Full Sister to Casino 14JE725 at Select Sires. Read More »

Stylin R Maleficent

Reserve All-American Summer Yearling 2021 Read More »

Siegerts Damian Pineapple

Reserve Intermediate Champion, WDE ’21 Read More »

Palmyra Booth BD Rosy

Nominated All-American Ayrshire Junior 3-Year-Old ’21 Read More »

Palmyra Lochinvar B Ribbon-ET

2021 HM All-American Milking Yearling Read More »