Palmyra Berkley Ruth

Palmyra Berkely P Ruth-ET

2X Grand Champion at the World Dairy Expo

1st 4-Year-Old & Grand Champion, WDE ’19
Grand Champion Mid-Atlantic National ’18
#10 Elite Genetics
Dam of Remsberg at St Jacobs AI
Dam of #16 Elite Alaska Ruth
Dam of Palmyra Predator B Ruthless, Unanimous AA Spring Yearling, owned by Wolf, Cannon & Mackinson

Palmyra Berkley P Ruth 2X Grand Champion WDE

1st Senior 3-Year-Old, Best Udder, Best Bred & Owned,
Intermediate & Grand Champion, WDE ’17
Unanimous AA Senior 3-year-old ’17

Unanimous AA Senior 2-year-old ’16
Res. World Federation Photo Competition ’16

3rd Fall Calf, Mid-Atlantic Nat’l ’14
Nom. AA Fall Calf ’14
2nd Fall Yearling, Mid-Atlantic Nat’l ’15
1st & Junior Champion, Maryland State Fair ’15
Nom. AA Fall Yearling ’15
intermediate Champion, 1st Senior 2-year-old, Best Udder, Best Bred & Owned, International Ayrshire Show ’16

Her son Palmyra Power Remsberg is heading to ABS ST Jacobs


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